We have been able to successfully adapt to the many changes that have occurred within the transportation industry during the past decades, while still maintaining a competitive profile and high quality service to our shippers. Computerizing operations has allowed us to build for the future with state of the art systems that are continually improved.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand operations. Working with an outside engineer, we have designed a coil hauling trailer which allows us to handle large steel coils with a maximum safety level. This trailer provides containment of the coil while lowering the center of gravity for superior handling and makes it easier for securement and protection of the coil for the driver. The securement device is a 75,000# nylon strap which provides exceptional safety on the road while materially reducing driver loading fatigue.


Our success is judged by our customer demands and their satisfaction in our performance. Our vision for the future is to continue to adhere to operate safely within the industry and to determine new ways to service our valued customers and provide an ongoing competitive quality service.